Saturday, November 26, 2011

Someone's Knocking at My Door

Made some good progress today.  First Scott cut the bottom part of each door and welded temporary stops on place.

The he cut the sides.

And now we have doors

Oh yeah, before I forget.  These are the hinges we are using.  They are 6" long and have brass pins and bushing. They are super heavy duty and I got them from BBQ Bonanza at  They shipped very quickly and gave me great customer service and pricing.  I ordered 12 sets of hinges, three thermometers and a remote thermometer from them.

After the doors, we cut (well Scott did) the end off making it easier to mount the firebox and oven

Short Videos of the money cut

This was a good place to stop for the day.  The next stage is the purchase of the trailer and the construction of the firebox and oven.  We want to get this thing mounted on the trailer while it is at it's lightest point, before we start adding anything to it. 

This may take some time, but I will post updates to let you know how things are progressing.

Here are the stats to date:

Total cost:  $543.00
Man Hours: 12

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