Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Now This is My Idea of Christmas Shopping

No pictures for this blog, but here is what has transpired this week. 

I took a drawing to Markle Farm Equipment in State College.  They have the capability to do some bending and fabrication that we need for the fire box and hot box that will get mounted on top of the firebox. I talked to Brett who is really into the smoking thing, and a pleasure to talk to. 

The firebox will be made out of 1/4" plate and will be 38" wide, 30" deep and 28"high.  The warming box will be made out of 3/16" plate and will be the same width and depth and 38" high.  We will cut the doors and dampers into it once in place.

I also  have them making the drip tray which will catch all the nasties.  It will be angled and have a drip pipe at the end so we can get all the gunck out of the smoker.  The tray will be made out of 3/16" plate and have a finished dimensions of 36" w and 84" long.


So before we get all of this weight on the tank, we need to get it on a trailer.  I needed to go to Lancaster to get a pallet of jars for my sauces, so I thought it would take that opprotunity to go trailer shopping.

I could have gone on the cheap and found a used one or built one.  By choosing a used one would have me question the integrity of the brakes or the real strength of the trailer.  Building one would involve getting a special trailer inspection and getting everything through the State, and who knows how long that would take.

What I was looking for was a 14' tandem axle with an expandable metal floor (which I found out is not standard - wooden is) and low sides.

I had a feeling that All Pro West Trailers in Mechanicsburg would deal with me the best, since I shopped around for my enclosed trailer and chose them.  However, I needed to see what the others would charge. In the end, All Pro was the best choice.  Not only could I get exactly what I wanted, but they were willing to deal when I showed them the Benjamin's. They special ordered the trailer for me and said it will be available in two weeks.

 Even with the special order and all, I still saved about $700 over the others and purchased it for $2,600 out the door.  May sound like a lot, but I got a brand new heavy built Big Tex trailer with a warranty and the expandable metal floor.  This is the foundation of the smoker and I feel real good about it..

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