Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting the Vessel

So when I say that I want to build a smoker, some may think something the size of a large 3 burner grill, or maybe the size of one of those coverted 55 gallon things you see at a pig roast.  Oh no!  When I do something It has to be over the top. 

After talking to Scott, we decided to go with a 500 gallon LP tank!  about ten times bigger than the 55 gallon drum smokers.  That's right, a whopping 120" long and 38" diameter.

I found a place to buy a used one, with some help from two of my friends.  I was told when it was ready and that they would load it on for us, but I was responsible for unloading it.  Which prompted me to ask, "How heavy is this thing.  I need to know weather I needed 5 smart stong guys to help, or if I needed maybe one dumb guy".  She told me that it weighs in around 900 pounds.  I don't know anyone that dumb!
So Scott and I went over to pick it up and loaded it into his shop

The Tank cost me $125. Not a bad deal

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